1: Aries is one of the most jealous zodiac signs, known for their possessiveness.

2: Scorpio is also noteworthy for their jealousy, as they are extremely mistrustful.

3: On the other hand, Aquarius is one of the least jealous signs, valuing independence.

4: Sagittarius is known for being open-minded and not prone to jealousy.

5: Libra is another sign that is typically not very jealous, preferring harmony.

6: Capricorn is not easily swayed by jealousy, as they focus on their goals.

7: Gemini is often more curious than jealous, wanting to explore new experiences.

8: Taurus is generally secure in themselves, leading to less jealousy.

9: Virgo's analytical nature often prevents jealousy, as they focus on problem-solving.