1: 1. Soda: High in sugar and calories, soda can sabotage weight loss efforts. 2. Alcoholic beverages: Cocktails and beer are loaded with empty calories. 3. Energy drinks: Packed with sugar and caffeine, they can lead to weight gain.

2: 4. Sweetened coffee drinks: Lattes and mochas are calorie bombs. 5. Fruit juice: Even 100% juice is high in sugar and lacks fiber. 6. Sugary smoothies: Make your own with low-calorie ingredients to avoid excess sugar.

3: 1. Milkshakes: Loaded with sugar and calories, they're a diet disaster. 2. Sweetened teas: Bottled teas can have as much sugar as a soda. 3. Sports drinks: High in sugar and designed for athletes, not the average person.

4: 4. Flavored water: Even "healthy" versions can have added sugar. 5. Hot chocolate: Creamy and delicious, but high in calories. 6. Sweetened iced tea: A refreshing drink that can pack on the pounds.

5: 1. Lemonade: Bright and tangy, but full of sugar. 2. Milk alternatives: Sweetened versions can be as bad as soda. 3. Creamy cocktails: Indulgent and high in calories, best avoided for weight loss.

6: 4. Frozen coffee drinks: Delicious, but loaded with sugar and fat. 5. Mocktails: Alcohol-free doesn't always mean calorie-free. 6. Iced lattes: A coffee shop favorite that can derail weight loss goals.

7: 1. Sparkling water: Plain is best; flavored versions can have added sugar. 2. Slushies: Fun and refreshing, but terrible for weight loss. 3. Blended cocktails: High in sugar and calories, they're a splurge drink.

8: 4. Milk tea: Sweet and creamy, but not great for weight loss. 5. Plant-based milks: Watch out for added sugar in non-dairy options. 6. Frappuccinos: A decadent treat that can sabotage your diet.

9: 1. Kombucha: While touted as healthy, some varieties can be high in sugar. 2. Cider: Apple or pear, cider is high in sugar and best avoided. 3. Protein shakes: Check labels for hidden sugars in these weight loss drinks.